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When Connie, get sick of Bobby, her next step is to go right to Hank and treat is fat man-meat for him. This time she takes it right in her arse

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Luanne platter is a steaming bi-atch that likes to gargle her uncles thick rigid rigid-on all the time

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King Of The Hill Sex Story: "Bobby’s Obsession – Chapter 1"

Chapter 1

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. Bobby, Connie, and Joseph were in the alley with their bikes

trying to decide where to go.

“Can we go to the bookstore?” asked Connie. “There’s a new SAT practice book I want to get.”

“No way!” replied Joseph. “Can’t you get it someother time when we’re not with you?”

“The SAT’s aren’t going to wait ‘some other time’!” retorted Connie. “I need it now!”

“Guys, guys, you don’t kneed to fight over me.” said Bobby. “How about we go to the bookstore

long enough so Connie can get her book, and then we can do something else.”

“Fine!” replied Connie and Joseph.

Bobby, Connie, and Joseph rode their bikes to the bookstore. They walked inside and were

disappointed to see that there weren’t any other kids inside.

“I’m going to go get my book, I’ll be right back.” said Connie as she rushed to the back of the


Bobby and Joseph stayed at the front of the store and looked out the window.

“Hey, there’s Dulie!” cried Joseph. “I’m tired of waiting, let’s go hang out with him.”

“I can’t.” replied Bobby. “He saw me smelling the dumpster at the back of the school and said he

was gonna give me a wedgie.”

“Whatever.” said Joseph. He walked out of the store, got on his bike, and rode off with Dulie.

Bobby sighed and started looking around the store. A sign that said ‘Manga’ caught his eye, and

he went off to look.

“Whoa! these have pictures!” shouted Bobby. He spotted a series called Naruto, and started

reading volume 1. A few minutes later, Connie walked over to him.

“Sorry that took so long, but I have my book!” she said. “Um where’s Joseph?”

“With Dulie.” replied Bobby.

“Oh.” said Connie as she glanced at what he was reading. “Why are you reading Manga? It’s so

boring and predictable!”

“This series called Naruto is pretty exiting.” said Bobby. “I’m gonna stay here, you can go if you


“Ok.” said Connie. She payed for her book and walked out of the store. Bobby stayed where he

was and kept reading Naruto.

A/N: I know Chapter one is kind of boring, but the next chapters will be better so don’t worry!

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Luanne Platter is all wet and messy but she just can’t stop – she loves her new sextoy so much!

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It’s high time to fill up this bosomy King of the Hill bitch with a gorgeous bum and an aching fanny. Luanne Platter Let’s follow the lead of girl who is getting her cunt hammered! In this post King of the Hill XXX teens will get confronted with the siziest and strongest staffs that will plumb every fuck hole on their sexy bodies…

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After some drinking, Peggy and her spouse, Hank are having hook-up. Peggy is deep-throating Hank’s prick, which is making him and her spunk at the same time.

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