King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Arlen Mowerthon 2006 Chapter Three

King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Arlen Mowerthon 2006 Chapter Three

Chapter 3

arrived back at the race track, just as the race was about to stop.
He saw his pit crew dressed in orange Dales Dead Bug uniforms.
They went up to greet Hank.

Hank, where were you? Dale asked.

went to the house for a moment to think things over. Phils mower
is much faster than mine, so I probably wont win. ButI just
decided to race anyhow. What good is a race if you dont have
fun? Hank said. He then got on his mower, which was next to

to race? Phil asked, revving his engine. His diesel engine roared
loudly. Hank nodded, but he didnt say anything. He was very
intimidated by Phils powerful tractor. He sure wish that he could
get the trophy even though Phils mower was faster. Only time
would tell.

your marksget setgo! bellowed the flag man. At that moment,
all the tractors took off. Most only managed to get up to 15 miles
per hour. The real race was between Phils tractor and Hanks
tractor. Phil and Hank had their tractors set for full speed, and as
Hank expected, Phils tractor whooshed right by. Hank knew there
had to be something else to make his tractor go faster. Without
thinking, Hank flipped the hood off his tractor while he was driving,
and it crash landed in the middle of the track. The drivers behind
him skidded, and some crashed into each other. Hank smiled. His
tractor was going faster but only by about 5 miles per hour.
He needed another 5 miles per hour to at least stay at equal speed
with Phil. Hank realized that he needed perhaps 10 miles per hour
more to beat Phil.

Phil, feeling happy and proud, looked at the dashboard of his tractor
and realized that it was low on diesel. He pulled over and beckoned
to Tyler and Joe. His two friends rushed over. What is it,
Phil? Tyler asked.

tractor needs diesel, hurry up! Phil said, seeing how the other
racers were getting ahead of him. Tyler and Joe got a barrel of
diesel fuel and tried lugging it toward the tractor. Unfortunately,
even with their combined strength, they could hardly move the barrel.
Phil, being impatient, decided to do it himself. For goodness
sakes, just let me do it, he said as he got off the tractor and
took the barrel of diesel from Tyler and Joe. Suddenly, just as he
got by the tractor, Phil tripped on a rock, and he dropped the barrel
of diesel fuel. The barrel cracked open, and the diesel fuel seeped
out. They got near the engine, which had nearly burned all the
diesel fuel left in the tank. Suddenly, the tractor exploded.
Burning metal parts flew everywhere, and a big oil fire started right
next to Phil. Phil glared at Tyler and Joe. Nice going, guys!
he snapped. He then gave the two a little shove.

cant push us, were your pit crew! Tyler said as Joe and he
shoved Phil back. The three then got involved in a big fight,
punching, slapping, and kicking each other all over the place. They
wandered away from the burning tractor and the race track. Hank saw
the whole thing. He couldnt stop laughing.

Ill be darned! I guess Ill win this race after all! Hank
kept his eyes on the track, but he also watched Phil, Tyler, and Joe
beating the slop out of each other. He laughed at how they fought
over something so ridiculous as a simple little lawn mower race.

Not long
afterward, Hank was declared the winner of the race! He was awarded
the trophy, and his photograph was taken with Dale, Bill, and
Boomhauer. Hank was proud of his picture and trophy, so he put them
up on the bookshelf where everyone could see it. Hank looked closely
at the picture and smiled. In the background, he saw Phil, Tyler,
and Joe fighting. He smiled, laughed, and looked at his beautiful

Dad, you won! Bobby exclaimed. That trophy sure looks
beautiful. Im glad you won the race this time.

laughed. Me too, son.

The End

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