King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Bobbys Life Chapter 1

King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Bobbys Life Chapter 1

of the Hill: Bobbys Life

following is a work of fan fiction, incorporating characters or
situations created by Mike Judge or belonging to Fox. This work is
not presented for profit, nor may it be redistributed without consent
of the author. I do not claim ownership or profit from these
characters or situations, and use them under the fair-use rights
provisions of copyright law

Bobby was going to
start the sixth grade. Hank was starting a new job at the propane
inc. Hanks wife Peggy was lazy and sat in bed all day. At 2:30
Bobby was on his way home from school and Hank drove up and said,
Get in the truck I will drive you home.

Bobby got in the truck.
When Bobby got home Peggy had dinner waiting on the table.

Peggy said, How was
your day Bobby?

Bobby said, It was
good. I now have a girl friend. She and I are going on a date

Hank said, Thats
my boy.

Shes hot, dad.
And she has a cute face and a hot look too. I cant wait till
tomorrow, Bobby said. This is going to be great.

The next day after
school Connie and Bobby went to the Snow cone shop, and then Connie
kissed him Bobby blushed. Bobby just had his first kiss on the

Bobby was then in high
school in the 9th grade it was time for lunch. Bobby and
Connie set right by each other and started making out. The bell rang:
time to go to English 1 class, the only class that they dont have
together. This was the last class of the day. It was the last day of
school Bobby and Connie got out early. Connie and Bobby went down to
the lake and went swimming until it was almost dark. It was now time
to go home.

Bobby was then driving
to school in a nice Ford truck and on the way to school Bobby picked
up Connie. The first day of the 10th grade and they had
homework. Bobby tried to do it but he did not know how it do it. So
the next morning Bobby went in early so he could get some help on his
homework. On the was to school Bobby picks up Connie so she could get
some help too.

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