King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Bobby’s Obsession – Chapter Two

King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Bobby’s Obsession – Chapter Two

Hank Hill returned home from Strickland
Propane in a good mood.

“I’m home!” he called out.

“Hi Hank! How was work?”
asked Peggy.

“Great!” replied Hank.
“Where’s Bobby?”

“In his room reading.”
answered Peggy.

Hank sighed and headed to Bobby’s room.
“It better not be elves again.” he muttered. He opened the
door and saw Bobby laying on his bed reading.

“Whatcha reading there son?”
asked Hank.

“It’s this really cool action
series.” said Bobby.

“Is there fighting?” asked

“Lot’s of it!” answered Bobby

“Is the main character a boy?”
asked Hank.

“Yeah.” replied Bobby.

“Keep up the good work son!”
said Hank, and left Bobby’s room.

However a few weeks later, Bobby’s
Naruto obsession had grown. He came home from the mall one day
wearing an interesting costume…

Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer were in
the alley drinking beer when Bobby came riding down on his bike. When
he got to the fence where the four men usually stand, they saw he was
wearing a hidden tree leaf headband and an orange jacket with
matching sweatpants.

“Like my new costume dad?”
asked Bobby.

“What are you supposed to be?”
asked Hank.

“I’m Naruto! The guy from my
book!” replied Bobby.

“Well what is he?” asked

“A ninja.” replied Bobby.

“You are not a ninja!” said
Hank exasperatedly.

“I know, but it’s fun to dress up
like one. I was thinking that maybe tomorrow I could dress up as
Gaara!” said Bobby.

“Get in the house now and change!”
ordered Hank.

As Bobby went inside, Hank sighed and
muttered “That boy aint right.”

“What ever happened to the dang ol
oldtimes man when ninjas dressed in dang ol black man and went Chop!
Chop! Chop!?” asked Boomhauer.

“It won’t be long before the
government starts brainwashing children into thinking they’re ninjas
and then having them destroy all of the propane.” rambled Dale.

“Dammit Dale! If you don’t shut
up, I’m gonna kick your ass!” shouted Hank.

“Fine! Now that Bobby’s a ninja,
I’ll just have him protect me.” replied Dale.

“For the last time, the boy is not
a ninja!” yelled Hank. He stormed out of the alley and walked
into his house and into Bobby’s room.

“Now son, I’m glad you’re reading
but-” began Hank as he opened the door, but stopped when he saw
that Bobby was making weird hand gestures.

“What are you doing?” asked

“Practicing Ninjutsu,”
replied Bobby. “I’m trying to create a doppelganger.”

“Bwhaaaaa!” cried Hank. He
shut the door and then saw Peggy sitting in a chair reading. Hank
went over and sat down.

“What’s the matter Hank?”
asked Peggy.

“Bobby’s in his room practicing
witchcraft and whatnot!” replied Hank.

“It’s not witchcraft!” said
Peggy laughing. “He’s just playing ninja!”

“I don’t think we should let him
read that stuff.” said Hank.

“It will be fine. We should just
be glad that he’s reading and not smelling garbage. Now stop
worrying.” said Peggy as she went back to her book. Hank tried
to relax, but he couldn’t. Unfortunately for him, things were going
to get worse before they got better.

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