King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Bobbys Confession Chapter Five

King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Bobbys Confession Chapter Five


looked at Bobby angrily, waiting for Bobbys response. Bobby knew
this was the big moment. Everyone watching him. He knew it would
humiliate him, but he had to say it in order to get it off his chest.

transvestite, Bobby confessed, bowing his head.

Hank nearly exploded.

Im sorry, its just the way I am. I like wearing womens
clothing. It just turns me on. And if you cant accept me for who
I am, then I shouldnt be your son, Bobby said.

Bobby Hank started, but then looked around him. Everyone was
nodding their heads at him. Hank sighed, All right, fine, Bobby.
If thats how you feel, I guess I have no choice but toaccept
it Hank wanted to go home and wash his mouth out with soap.

Dad, Bobby said, and hugged Hank. I love you.

love you too, son, and Ill always be proud of you no matter who
you are. But dont think Im happy about your decision, though,
Hank said.

For the
next week, Bobby was sentenced to a week of community service. He
had to pick up trash along the freeways and then clean up graffiti on
city buildings. He was glad that he revealed his secret to Hank. He
couldnt have gone on any longer without telling. It would have
gotten him in even more trouble.

The End

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