King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Feminie Strength Chapter Three

King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Feminie Strength Chapter Three

Power-Part 3

Um…sorry about the long wait. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was
going with this, and I’m still not too sure. I’ll give it a go, I
guess. Thank you, again, for my one and only reviewer (for this, at
least) Numbuh

Light bulb lights up I just got an idea! Okay, go read!


squinted his eyes, hunching over a large stack of papers, trying to
read his own small scribble of writing. The soft light wasn’t helping
him at all, so reaching up, he switched his light to a harsher glare,
then glanced back at his paper. He sighed in frustration, then
crumpled up the sheet. Late at night, he didn’t get his best ideas.

shuffled through the top papers, most of which were covered with
doodles of cigarettes, beer, cockroaches, and sad attempts at drawing
Nancy. Looking further back in his notebook, he found one that seemed
sensible. Taking a thumbtack, he pressed it into the soft but firm
cork of his bulletin board. It was covered with pictures of stick
figures getting splattered, run over, embarrassed, and killed. None
of his ideas so far, though, were good enough to try on Joy.

one he had just put up had her being shot with every single gun the
Gun Club owned. He wasn’t happy with any of the ideas yet. They
either seemed impossible, unlikely, or just plain stupid. This idea
was unlikely, because all of the men adored her.

sighed, and leaned back in his chair. He needed something that he
could set up alone, that could be done quickly, and could not be
traced back to him. A light bulb flicked on above his head, though it
was rusted from lack of thoughts. His mouth cracked into an evil


watched as Joy came shuffling into the Arlen’s Boggle League. Mary,
the vice president, met her at the door. Peggy was only president
because no one could beat her.

a new member! Come in, come in! Have you played before? We were
about to play a round, care to join?” Mary rambled, as she drew
a chair for Joy. Joy nodded, smiling. She glanced over the people
assembled at a large table in the middle of the room. When she caught
sight of Peggy, she waved ecstatically. Peggy averted her eyes down
to the blue plastic Boggle game on the table. She couldn’t play
against Joy, or else the group would see she wasn’t the best. Peggy
never came in second.

sat across from Peggy, and accepted a pencil and pad of paper from
Mary. Peggy leaned forward, and whispered over to Joy. “Why
aren’t you at the Gun Club? Don’t they have a big meeting today?”

but it’s not till later.” Joy whispered back. The talking
stopped once the referee started the large timer, and it was time to
start the game.


bit her bottom lip, as sweat poured down her shirt. She had to pick
the hottest day of the year to wear her green turtleneck sweater. She
locked eyes with Joy from across the table, and something almost evil
glared back at her. Joy struggled out of her jacket, as she tried to
keep her eyes locked with her opponent. She got her arms out of the
red jacket, revealing her in a tight white t-shirt, and short blue

had beat everyone in her path, as did Peggy, and now it was the final
round. Everyone was whispering because it seemed there might actually
be someone who could beat Peggy.

referee started the timer. Peggy looked down at the game, but
couldn’t find any big words. She decided to do what she had done when
she had been in the Texas tournament. She would do many little words.

she knew it, time was up. She listed off her words, which was about
10 little words. Not the best she ever had, and that’s what made
Peggy nervous. Joy started saying her words, and Peggy’s jaw dropped.
She must have had the same plan as Peggy, because she had about 12
little words. Then Peggy started turning red when Joy started listing
a few bigger words. The referees were tallying up, and declared Joy
was the winner. Peggy sat there furious, fuming, and revengeful.


walked onto the porch, carrying a trophy from the Boggle League. They
had given her an old prize Peggy had won for the team a long time
ago, as a prize. Dale saw her coming, so he backed up to the back of
the front room. Most of the guys were talking among themselves, so
they didn’t notice.

she opened the door, a trick wire was triggered, making a bucket full
of water tip over from the door sill. Dale had wanted too use frog
fiecies, but he hadn’t been able to find any frogs or fiecies. He had
to settle with soapy hot water, but Nancy had taken all of the soup
over to John Redcorn’s house. She had said it was part of her
treatment. To top off matters, the hot water tap in his house wasn’t
working. He had had to settle with what he could work with.

watched as ice cold water tipped over on her head. He pointed at her
and started laughing. The laughter died in his throat as he watched.
She was drenched like a cat. Her hair was plastered to her head, and
she had a pout-y look on her face. But today just had to be
the hottest day of the year, and she just had to wear a white
shirt, without a bra. Damn.


poor Dale, and Peggy! She’s just ruining their plans! Oh, that felt
good to write. I was laughing, because I knew what I was going to do.
Remember, that the guys were watching, and they already adore her,
and probably are really horny. Im just saying, that wont make
them stop liking her. It would probably make them like her more!
Sorry, I think I spelled fecies wrong, but I dont know how
to spell it, but hopefully, you knew what I was talking about.

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